Etc November Reign 2011

Unexpected appearance of the mugs of 'tuneful... noisesmiths' Etc in the paper! Foreign 3-Way :: Bottlesmoker + Etc + Free Deserters is the week's top gig pick in today's Straits Times. And what an honour: it was chosen by Dino from beloved national treasures of Singapore: Force Vomit (and 1234X and The Guilt). Surprised we
beat out more professionally-run photo-jennies BOTTLESMOKER and Free Deserters when it came to the photo editor's choice.

More details:

Foreign 3-Way :: Bottlesmoker + Etc + Free Deserters
The Pigeon Hole -

52 Duxton Rd -

Saturday, 5th November 2011 - 7:30pm
Entry: $10

Facebook invite: here

P.S. Not only is it nice to be in the paper today, but it’s also not every day that one gets to be under a hairy crab and on top of Hatsune Miku: