Etc November Reign 2011

Unexpected appearance of the mugs of 'tuneful... noisesmiths' Etc in the paper! Foreign 3-Way :: Bottlesmoker + Etc + Free Deserters is the week's top gig pick in today's Straits Times. And what an honour: it was chosen by Dino from beloved national treasures of Singapore: Force Vomit (and 1234X and The Guilt). Surprised we
beat out more professionally-run photo-jennies BOTTLESMOKER and Free Deserters when it came to the photo editor's choice.

More details:

Foreign 3-Way :: Bottlesmoker + Etc + Free Deserters
The Pigeon Hole -

52 Duxton Rd -

Saturday, 5th November 2011 - 7:30pm
Entry: $10

Facebook invite: here

P.S. Not only is it nice to be in the paper today, but it’s also not every day that one gets to be under a hairy crab and on top of Hatsune Miku:


SLOW BURN Movie Music by Etc

Etc :: Movie Music from "Slow Burn" by Etc.

Etc music for SLOW BURN.
Recorded by Ah Boy Wong at TNT Studios, Singapore. 2011.

SLOW BURN is a Winter Western, starring Bebe Templeton, Kat Letwin, Cat Oliver and Renita Fillatre. Directed by Christine Chew.
See the trailer at http://tinyurl.com/sburn

SLOW BURN Movie Trailer :: Music by Etc


March On

Etc has a relatively busy schedule for the next few days AND a new recording online to commemorate this burst of activity. 

Here's the song:   

And here's their schedule : 

Thurs, 3 March: 
Etc is one of the bands playing as their Malaysian pals, Free Deserters launch their new album
LAUNDRY The Curve, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Etc opens for Japanese girl-rock band, Pinky Piglets at their first Singapore gig
PRINCE OF WALES 101 Dunlop Street, Little India, Singapore 
Etc, Kevin Mathews and others play at the 'Open House' of this new venue
THE PIGEONHOLE The Pigeonhole, 52 & 53 Duxton Road, Singapore
Etc joins Typewriter, Basement In My Loft, Pinholes, King Kong Jane and others at a free festival  
LOVE-IN Hong Lim Park, Singapore


Etc :: Krème Bulé di Bandung



Etc :: Krème Bulé di Indonesia

Etc plays Indonesia. 

Thursday, Feb 3. 2011: 30 Rocks at Eastern Promise, Jakarta. Facebook event page here

Friday, Feb 4. 2011: San Titre at Potluck Cafe, Bandung. Facebook event page here.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Etc :: A Swift Half Under the Basement

"Fancy joining Ben Etc for a quickie under the Basement?"

Translated: Half of the Etc duo will be playing a solo set of Etc songs as the guest of top rocking pop trio Basement In My Loft. Like it says on the Facebook page here

Where: P.O.W :: Prince of Wales - 101 Dunlop Street, Little India, Singapore
When: Saturday, 8 Jan 2011. Etc 
9pm: Etc
10pm: BIML  

Mark your Mayan Calendar! 


Etc :: Superhero, Incognito

Superhero, Incognito by Etc

Here's 'Superhero, Incognito' for your entertainment.

We didn't have time to add the intended seasonal seasoning and gift-wrap to make it a 'Christmas Single', but we hope it suits your stocking anyway. Besides, Etc is for life - not just for Christmas.

Hope you're well. x

Recorded by Ah Boy Wong KK at TNT studios, 3-5pm, Saturday 11 December 2011. Played by Harvey Chamberlain and Ben Harrison, Etc. Written by Ben Harrison Etc.


Etc :: Below the Basement

The Etc duo will play some of their unpopular favourites as honoured guests of Basement In My Loft at Prince of Wales in Singapore this Saturday. Starting 9pm promtish. 

Date: 30 October 2010
Venue: P.O.W. :: The Prince of Wales, 101 Dunlop Street, Little IndiaSingapore

Facebook invite is here. Selemat Samhain (the feast celebrated at this time of the year in Gaelic cultures. It's "Summer's End", or the start of the dark half of year (and why there's Halloween)). 


Etc :: Funny Bones (Semi-Acoustic) by abcdetc

Etc :: Funny Bones (Semi-Acoustic) by Etc. In memory of Norman Wisdom



Etc :: Handphones On the Dancefloor (Etc verses Pinholes version) by abcdetc


Etc :: Live in Singapore (April 2010) by abcdetc

Etc :: Live in Singapore (April 2010) by abcdetc Etc verite -- this is an unedited recording of an Etc gig. Enjoy.



Etc :: Trans*end

A recent solo improvisation on the Etc oldie called 'Trans*end' has been put online here (at Soundcloudhttp://soundcloud.com/abcdetc/etc-trans-end-707). Includes primitive loops + some e-bow.  


Happy Hari Raya from Etc.

It's the end of the Muslim fasting month, and that means it's the Hari Raya holiday in places like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia (places across which Etc's band-folk are currently scattered)   and that's a good enough excuse for put a verité recording of an Etc concert here for your listening (and downloading) pleasure. The set was definitely recorded in 2010, possibly in April. And on a Friday, in sweltering heat. 

The songs played: 

Malaysian Trucks 
Dumb Waiter 
Love Is No Alibi
 Pretty Fall 
Big Girl's Blouse 
Handphones on 
the Dancefloor 
Peter Panic
Thanks for having us. And Selemat Hari Raya to all!  


Etc :: Going Black + Blu :: gigs this Saturday

Like it says at: http://tinyurl.com/black-blu

Etc's Jakarta-based drummer makes the most of his Singapore weekend R&R* jaunt** – two Etc gigs in one evening.
The Etc trio haven't been same-place/same-time for quite a while, so they could be rusty. Hopefully still trusty...

6.30pm "BLACK"
Pre-Breakfast ALL AGES Show at Blackhole 212
212 Syed Alwi Rd (off Jln Besar) - enter via alley behind Syed Alwi Rd
See here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141296832573812

Selamat makan yo

8.08pm "BLU"
Late Breakfast Set as guests of PINHOLES + CARNATION at BluJaz Cafe
11 Bali Lane, near Arab Street (MRT: Bugis or Nicoll Highway)
Cost: $12 (includes first drink)
More here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141800722525474

* R&R = Rock & Roll
** jaunt = actually he's on a mission to buy the new Lunarin album asap (Straits Records it is then)


Etc invites you to a Guilty Party

Been adding Etc recordings to this Etc page here.

Today: 'Guilty Party' - done semi-acoustic sometime last year.

You might also be able to see and hear it  it on the player on the very page you're looking at now.

Be well.


Etc :: Undrummed

Etc's latest recording adventures didn't get too far last weekend. Drummer Harvey was briefly in town and all was set for a marathon session of drum track recording. But just before tape was set to roll, the call came in: the studio's microphones had mysteriously disappeared overnight. As a souvenir, we've added some drumless recordings of some of Etc's most-requested songs to the Etc Reverbnation for your listening and free-downloading pleasure. They're labeled as "semi-acoustic" versions of "Bungalow", "Malaysian Trucks" and "Dancing to The Smiths" in the players below or to the side of this page. Enjoy. 


Etc Goes A-Loft

Something to do this Saturday night: see sterling songsmiths Basement In My Loft play songs from their forthcoming album, See The Rhyme In The Dirt & Grime (plus songs from "a select catalog of the bands that shaped their sound"). Get familiar with Basement and their memorable powerful tunes in the intimate setting of The Prince of Wales Pub before they go on to rock Baybeats 2010 in a few months. 

The Etc trio open (starting at 9.30pm), making the most of a flying visit from their drummer, who is no longer based in Singapore. Thanks to Adrian Jones from Basement In My Loft and Malcolm Davis from The Prince of Wales for graciously sneaking Etc's trio of cheeky monkeys onto the bill. 

Facebook event page here

When: Saturday, 12 June, 2010. 
Where: P.O.W. - The Prince of Wales, 101 Dunlop Street, Little India (between Sim Lim and Serangoon), Singapore
Timing: 9.30-10.15pm: Etc. 10.30-till late: Basement In My Loft



This is being posted only a couple of hours before showtime - but anything to help seems like a good idea for this benefit show called A Light In A Dark Room. And it's a REAL benefit show. It's not a fund-raiser so a band can go and ponce around on a foreign stage... but an attempt to to raise funds for Mika a mother-to-be who has been diagnosed with a relapse of a type of blood cancer. The results from Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya, Malaysia are that they're is suffering from lymph node biopsy – Anaplastic T Cell Lymphoma, ALK-1 positive.

The show is 7pm, tonight at Blackhole 212 $5 at the door. Bands playing include the lovely DIS IS IT: See the poster/flyer below. And spread the word. A little thing might make a big difference. 

Where's Blackhole 212? It's in the alley behind 212 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore. And it's worth knowing this if you have any interest in Singapore music. It's a great place. Proper Indie - as in: independent like. 

What else you going to do tonight? American Idol? 


Etc :: "Will Until" the movie

Etc sometimes wonders what becomes of the photos and film footage they spot being made of them. Today, a kind soul called Patrick was kind enough to share links to some of his Etc archive. Here's what he caught of an early solo version of Will Until played at the Substation in 2008. 


ป้ายกำกับ: ,


Etc :: Some Upcoming Dates

Fri 9 April: +65 Fest,
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, SG.
8.45pm. FREE. All-ages.
See: http://tinyurl.com/lastminuteinnit

Sun 11 April: SubScene,
Blackhole 212, SG.
5pm. $8. All-ages.

Sat 1 May:
Little Havana, KL.POSTPONED
9pm. Entry w/ drink purchase.

Fri 7 May: Monkey Bar, HOME CLUB SG 
8pm. Entry w/ drink purchase.
(venue changed from NUS)

Etc :: Pastor of Muppets



Etc :: Wedding Singers Went Home (for H.O.M.E)

Donald Soh took some photos at the gig Etc played after a best friend's wedding. 
It was at Home Club in Singapore. And proceeds from the gig went to the charity called H.O.M.E


Our Best Friend's Wedding

"This weekend is going to be life-changing for me," he says...

We're Chuffed to be part of this.

See also: the Facebook event page here.


Etc :: Wedding Singers Go Home

Etc are truly, madly, deeply honoured to have been invited to play WEDDING POP! - a gig that coincides with THE WEDDING OF ONE OF OUR OLDEST PALS AND A HERO OF SINGAPORE MUSIC, PATRICK CHNG, TO THE LOVELY STEPHANIE! Cheers to that! 

That's THE Patrick Chng who we've known fronting THE ODDFELLOWS, drumming for PADRES, doing stuff w/ PRIMITIVE PAINTERS and much, much, more in his many years of playing music, helping other musicians, teaching kids, organizing gigs and doing good work for charity - including Music for Good and Migrant Voices projects., while still he finding time to support Liverpool F.C. (and he was a pretty decent footie player last we saw him in action). 

So, a pretty class event. But wait! There's more! Not only does Etc getting to play alongside Midnight Marvel and Typewriter (featuring, by the way, PATRICK CHNG! MULTI-TASKER EXTRAORDINAIRE... EVEN ON HIS WEDDING DAY!); but the gig's headliner is: Livonia - long-time no-seen, and now back after a decade of musical adventures elsewhere! Wow. 

AND THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS! All proceeds from WEDDING POP! will be donated to the charity organization, H.O.M.E. Check out their good work here: www.home.org.sg/home/index.html

When: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Where: HOME Club, The Riverwalk #B1-01, 20 Upper Circular Road, Singapore
First band: 8pm
Free entry before 9pm
After 9pm: $12 (includes w/ one drink)

Facebook event page: http://www.tinyurl.com/wedpop

Etc regrets that the Management of Home Club is not permitted to admit those under-18 years old.

Big Star tribute content? Confirmed. 


Austin Power

The Pinholes is a band that you are certainly more likely to have heard-of than Etc. - and if you have heard of Etc it could be because we got to ride the 'hole's groovy coattails when they covered "Handphones on the Dancefloor". Don't worry, The Pinholes got over it. In fact, Bukit Batok's smiling ambassadors of sound are about to set off in the footsteps of Singapore bands Electrico, Great Spy Experiment and I Am David Sparkle, and make an appearance at the SXSW Festival held in Austin, Texas. That's in the USA. 

And for those of us wishing them all the best for Texas, there's Blazin' Saddles (or Blazzin Sadders - depending on who you ask) - a gig to raise to funds for The Pinholes' gas, food, lodging, whatever... Considering what popular gents they are, we'd imagine Pinholes are spoilt for choice with who they could ask to play, so how nice they should call on Etc to part of this fundraiser. There's also The Lost Hat and The Rejeks plus - it says - 'Special Guests'. One can only imagine who these might be - at least, we're interested to find out. Maybe they mean You. No kidding. We think you're special. Say hello if you're there. 

The Facebook event page for it is >here<.

BLAZIN' SADDLES :: Pinholes SXSW Fundraiser Fun on Friday

Friday, March 5, 2010 :: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

HOME CLUB, The Riverewalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, Singapore


Our Gang Maybe Wee, But We Love It etc.

Wasn't expecting to have an Etc-related post so soon into 2010. The lazy half of Etc (me) was hoping to keep the calendar clear for recording, but -so far- that's not been happening; and just as juggling things that may/may-not happen in other countries was getting bewildering... all of sudden: we get an invitation to play at a party featuring the band AND the DJ that make us smile the most these days. So how could we refuse? Jet-set Harvey Etc might not even be in the country when the show commences, but he's keen (Note to self: ask him about any Phil Collins at Live Aid fantasies he might have)


Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010. 9pm till 2am

Venue: BluJaz, Bali Lane*, Singapore 

DJ MiLuvYouLooongTam (aka Roger) presents: 

Glorious eclectica spun by his very self


plus live music from: 





and guests who hope they don't spoil the party: 



The Facebook event page is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=445357380007

The listing in Power of Pop says "Here’s one for the S-ROCK fan... two creative, iconoclastic S-ROCK bands that prize wit in their presentation of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, principally of the Brit persuasion". 

The fact is, we have no idea what to expect. Hopefully, we can make the most of being on Roger-Time here. Recent shows have all been on schedules that have meant we're maybe more buttoned up than at our longer-set, smaller-venue gigs. Not that much more buttoned-up, but a wee bit more? Dunno. Doesn't matter. Whatever. Better go change my strings. 

Hope you're having a happy 2010. 

Next week: Etc Malaysia gig - might not. 
Manila: postponed till April.... 

Keep in touch.